Configuration Files

The interpreter gets configuration information from as many as three places: the global configuration file, the game-specific configuration file (usually with an extension '.cfg'), and, in the case of AGX-format games, the game file itself.

Options in the game-specific file override options specified from the other two sources; options in the AGX file override those in the global file.

The following configuration options are supported on all platforms. Other options may be supported on your particular system; see appropriate platform-specific documentation for information.

Each option should be on a separate line in the configuration file. Lines starting with '#' will be treated as comments and ignored. Options can be negated by prefixing them with 'NO_' so that, for example, DEBUG would become NO_DEBUG.

General options:
VERBOSE Start the game in VERBOSE mode
DEBUG Allow the use of AGILDEBUG for pre-Master's games (For Master's Edition games, this decision is based on the DEBUG flag in the game file itself)
DEFAULT_ERRORS Cause AGiliTy to use its own internal defaults for standard error messages even if the game file defines its own. (Recommended for most Master's Edition games.)
PATH Gives a space-separated search path for AGT games. [Not supported on all platforms.]
TONE Enables the *tone* action token, which allows games to make annoying beeps on some platforms. The only game I might recommend enabling this for is CosmoServe which has some interesting sound effects. Not all platforms support this command.
INPUT_BOLD Makes the input line bold. (This doesn't work on all platforms)
IBM_CHAR Try to use the IBM character set; don't translate them. If your platform doesn't support the IBM character set, this is likely to produce garbage.
NO_ERROR Suppress GAME ERROR messages during play. Some AGT games are not very well written and contain bad metacommands, out-of-range tokens, or other problems; this option will suppress the messages reporting these sorts of problems.
SMART_DISAMBIG This turns on smart disambiguation. This works better with some games than others.
EXPAND_ALL This turns on ALL and ALL EXCEPT expansion in the parser (by default, expanding them is the responsibility of the individual verb execution routines); see remarks on SMART_DISAMBIG: both of these options use the same engine and so they are likely to work or fail together. If you're using this, you'll probably also want to set FIX_MULTINOUN.
IGNORE_SIZE Ignore weight and size limits on how much the player can carry. (There remain limits on the size and weight of any individual object.)

Game specific options:
(Many of these are more useful to game authors than game players.)
PROPER_CREATURE Treat all creature names as proper nouns. (In particular, this will cause them to be capitalized and to not have "the" appear in front of them.) Use of DEFAULT_ERRORS is recommended with this option.
ROOMTITLE Print the room title in bold before the room description in pre-Master's games. (Master's Edition games do this automatically)
IRUN Print error messages in first person. This should be set for Cliff Diver.
NO_BLOCK_HOSTILE Allow the player to leave a room containing a hostile creature if they go back the way they came.
NO_GET_HOSTILE Prevents the player from picking up objects in a room containing a hostile creature. (Intended to be used with NO_BLOCK_HOSTILE)
NO_OBJECT_NOTES Turns off notes after object description, such as '[providing light]'.
CONST_TIME Increment time at a constant rate instead of randomly.
SLASH_BOLD If set the slash character toggles bold on and off. (This should be set automatically for 1.8x games, but you may still need to set it explicitly for version 1.82)
PRONOUN_SUBS Do $you$-style substitutions even in game-author defined messages.
ALT_ANY This scans the ANY metacommands *with* the metacommands rather than before them. Should be set for Pyramids of Mars and not for any other games I know of.
CHECK_GRAMMAR Print out error messages if the player enters a verb with too many objects. (For example, "N KEY").
FORCE_LOAD Force AGX game to load even if interpreter isn't of the right version. Don't use this unless you know what you're doing: Magx doesn't assign minimum version numbers without reason.
PURE_AFTER Causes LOOK and other end-of-turn actions to take place after AFTER commands. (This is on by default for Master's Edition games.)
FIXED_FONT Force system to use a fixed-pitch font.
NO_FIXED_FONT Allow the system to use proportional fonts.

Technical options: These are fine tuning.
FIX_METAVERB Don't run ANY metacommands when executing a metaverb.
FIX_MULTINOUN Only advance one turn when manipulating multiple nouns, rather than a turn for each noun.
PURE_ANSWER Require AND-connected answers to be in the right order. (The Master's Edition documentation claims order doesn't matter, but with the actual interpreters it does)

Parse Options: These are all pretty technical.
PURE_DUMMY Allow dummy verbs to be run by typing "dummy_verb3"
PURE_SUBNAME Allow subroutines to be run by typing "subroutine3"
PURE_SYNONYM Treat synonyms exactly as nouns.
ADJ_NOUN Don't pick noun matches over adjective-only matches.