AGT Versions Supported

AGiliTy understands the following versions of AGT (which includes every AGT game at that I know of): The Pyramids of Mars and Cliff Diver require configuration options to be set; they use variant interpreters that are supported but can't be detected by the interpreter. In particular, Pyramids needs the ALT_ANY option and Cliff Diver requires the IRUN option.

Klaustrophobia is now supported. Use AGiliTy to play each of the chapters as usual. To switch between chapters, just SAVE at the end of one chapter and RESTORE at the beginning of the next (the game will tell you when to switch chapters; however, use SAVE instead of DONE1 or DONE2). This is still experimental and so I'd appreciate any feedback on how well it works (or doesn't work, as the case may be).

Unlike the MS-DOS programs that Klaustrophobia originally used for this, AGiliTy doesn't check that you've actually reached the end of the previous chapter; be warned that if you switch chapters before the game tells you to, things may break.

There is also no way for AGiliTy to support the intermission or endgame text from the original game: these are all printed out by DOS programs rather than by the AGT interpreter.