List of Special Verbs

These are all of the special verbs recognized by the interpreter:
SCORE Print out your score.
NOTIFY Turn score notification on and off.
INSTRUCTIONS or INS Display the instructions for the game.
INTRODUCTION or INTRO Repeat the introduction of the game.
VIEW <picture> Views an illustration. (Not supported on all platforms.)
BRIEF Don't print room descriptions for rooms you've seen.
VERBOSE Print room descriptions even for rooms you've already seen.
LIST EXITS List the exits from a room.
LISTEXIT ON,OFF Turn on/off automatic listing of exits.
SCRIPT Start sending a transcript to a file.
UNSCRIPT Stop creating a transcript.
SOUND ON, OFF Turn sound on/off.
LOG Start sending all of your commands to a file.
REPLAY <number> Replay your commands from a file, one every <number> seconds.
REPLAY FAST Replay your commands from a file without waiting for you to read the scrolling text.
REPLAY STEP Replay your commands from a file, one for every keypress.
AGILDEBUG Access debugging commands.
MENU Toggle menu mode on or off.
OOPS Correct a word you just mistyped; must be the first command on a line.
UNDO Undo your last move; must be the first command on a line.
SAVE Save the game.
RESTORE Restore the game.
RESTART Restart the game.
QUIT Quit.