This Windows port of AGiliTy

This Windows port of AGiliTy was written by David Kinder.

AGiliTy supports input line editing and history to make typing more convenient. All the common editing keys work as you would expect. Cursor up and cursor down step up and down through the input history, respectively. Text can be pasted into the input line using the standard paste keys (i.e. Ctrl+v or Shift+Insert).

This Windows port of the AGiliTy Interpreter behaves as you would expect of a Windows program: to operate use either the menus or the toolbar. The only section requiring explanation is the Options dialog. The settings available in this dialog are:

Fix window at 80 columns If this option is set, then whenever a new game is loaded AGiliTy will attempt to resize the window so that the display is exactly 80 columns across. Some games require this for their text to appear correctly.
Enable colours If this is set, then the colours are taken from the four colour well gadgets immediately below. If it is not set, the standard Windows fore and background colours are used.